- Wolverine Madness -

- Wolverine Madness -

Prospecting in Lowell Michigan was an amazing time for Heidi and Conan, but we want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to see it in YOUR pan! The creek is just like so many here in the northern Midwest, full of clay and silt that takes loads of water to clear out, and still plenty of fine Black Sands at the end to fight through.

Our Wolverine Madness is NOT for the Faint of Heart and will take even an expert panner some time to work down to clean AU.

This bag has over a half pound (1/2lbs) of pure Michigan Gold Paydirt 100% collected by Heidi and Conan! To that we add over a half Gram (.5g) of Gold, plus any flour gold naturally found in Lowell, MI and contained within the sandy silty clay concentrates we collected.

Cheers indeed m8s,

Heidi & Conan Gold Prospecting