Hoosier Dirt Half Gram

Hoosier Dirt Half Gram

Hoosier Dirt  - Intermediate Bag

The perfect Gold Paydirt to advance your gold panning skill.

1/2 or Half Pound (8oz) of dirt.  Mostly minus kitchen strainer material.  All under 1/2 inch.

.5++ Grams of Added Gold as shown in pics.  That gold went into one of these bags, and shows very accurately what you should expect in yours.

This is our first Intermediate Gold Paydirt!  About .1 grams (or 1/10th) added flour gold (as shown in pic of .111 flour gold) and the balance larger flakes of all sizes as shown in photos.  Again, the gold in pics went into these bags.  The dirt is from Heidi and Conan Gold Prospecting in Indiana and has some neat stuff in it if you look close!  The gold is from Alaska.

Heidi & Conan Gold Prospecting ❤