Paydirt Combo Pack - Gold, Silver & Garnet!
  • Paydirt Combo Pack - Gold, Silver & Garnet!




    Both Black Hills, SD Crystalline Silver & Gold PLUS Garnet Hill, NV Garnet Paydirts together forever by Heidi & Conan Gold Prospecting!

    Individual Paydirt descriptions below:

    Black Hills, SD Silver & Gold Paydirt, with OVER 1 Gram of beautiful Crystalline Silver and OVER .1 (1/10th) Gram of Gold!

    This is a 4 oz (quarter pound) bag of those super cons from Heidi and Conan Gold Prospecting in the Black Hills, South Dakota! It has been classified to 1/2" so no big rocks m8s. The added silver is Crystalline Silver, NOT ore, NOT shot, but 100% beautiful crystalline silver. Looks like coral or branches on a tree. Stunning.

    Heidi and Conan Gold Prospecting had a BLAST at Garnet Hill, Nevada. Rhyolite rocks hold the garnets that work free and wash down the mountain collecting in washouts. Garnet Paydirt is collected by Heidi and Conan from those washouts! It is mostly crushed Rhyolite rock. This means it DOES contain garnets with host rock still attached & rocks that hide garnets inside. This will have garnet added so you can be sure you see it in YOUR pan.