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Black Sands from Exotic Lands
  • Black Sands from Exotic Lands

    True expert Gold paydirt. Features include mostly fine and flour gold in heavy magnetic and non-magnetic black sands and garnet sands.
    - .200g of GOLD Gaurenteed! -
    Now, you've seen us mine it.  You've seen us panning it out.  Now, you can do the same in the comfort of your own gold room!
      This gold paydirt is 100% made from Black Sands Mining Concentrates that Heidi and Conan mined on Lake Michigan's beautiful beaches.  If you watch our YouTube channel you have seen me gathering these exact sands at Weko Beach, MI.  The material was deposited by glaciation over several ice ages and many thousands of years.  It has then been concentrated by weather, time and terrain into thick black sand bands around the shores of the Great Lakes in varied concentrations and locations.  Heidi and Conan search the endless miles of coastline to bring you the BEST you can find.
      Each bag has over a quarter pound (4oz+) of HEAVY Black Sands from Exotic Lands to challange even the most skilled of panners for many hours.  We add .200+ grams (or 2/10th of a gram) of USA gold to each bag, Mostly flour and fines.  This is a unique oppertunity for a select number of gold prospectors to prospect at home in the very material only available in one location on the globe.  Lake Michigan.
    Cheers m8s!
    Heidi n Conan
    • Legal -

      No returns or refunds at this time m8s.

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