Black Hills, SD - Silver & Gold Paydirt
  • Black Hills, SD - Silver & Gold Paydirt

    Make new friends, but keep the old.
    One is silver and the other gold.
    -Joseph Parry
    Heidi & Conan Gold Prospecting Crystalline Silver Paydirt, and each bag has OVER 1 Gram of beautiful crystalline Silver, PLUS GOLD!  A minimum of 1/10th or .1 grams added Gold, PLUS the fine and flour gold naturally found in the Black Hills!
    This is a 4 oz (quarter pound) bag of those super cons from Heidi and Conan Gold Prospecting in the Black Hills, South Dakota!  It has been classified to 1/2" so no big rocks m8s.  The added silver is OVER 1 Gram of Crystalline Silver, NOT ore, NOT shot, but 100% beautiful crystalline silver.  Looks like coral or branches on a tree.  Stunning.  Each bag has over .1 grams (or 1/10th of a gram) of added gold, so we can be 100% sure YOU see Gold in YOUR pan!